Drawing the Front Line and Determining the Transplant Area

A patient whose front line was determined

One of the most important phases in hair transplantation procedures is to make determinations on the transplantation area. As a result of the examination of the physician, different decisions can be made for each client. However, the regions where hair growth begins are generally taken into account at this point.

The place between the front line, which will be determined particularly for the client, and the parts where this hair growth occurs, is usually chosen as the transplantation area. Related field measurements are also made with some laser device systems designed with advanced technology.

Relevant field measurements can also be made with certain laser device systems constructed with advanced technology. The transplantation area is also tried to be determined in case of a possible future hair loss. Ideally, 26 to 36 grafts per square cm should be transplanted in the transplantation process.

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