First Washing and Follow-up

The first wash takes place the following morning after the hair transplantation is completed. Our team performs the initial washing while simultaneously training the patient. Washing with a particular cream and shampoo given to the patient during the first ten days will be done at home by the patient after receiving training.

Considerations After Hair Transplantation

When the process is completed after the determination of the hair transplantation area, people should consider a few things.

  • The area where the hair is transplanted should not be touched except for the washing process,
  • Washing should be done on a daily basis for 10 days, as instructed.
  • Care should be taken about sufficient fluid consumption,
  • Medicines and creams given by the physician should be used regularly,
  • Friction in the transplanted area should be prevented during sleep,
  • Sweating should not be allowed in the hair,
  • You should be at rest for a while in a comfortable environment,
  • Hair should be protected from factors such as excessive sun rays and rain.

People should pay attention to these issues and act cautiously for 15 days after the first washing.

Pictures of the 10th day, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 12th, and 15th months are requested from the patient and online checks are made.

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