Importance of Hair Transplantation Planning

Before proceeding to hair transplantation, there is a need to make planning for the hair according to the situation. Accurate planning allows successful feedbacks in hair transplantation applications. Various potential risks for the purpose of obtaining a natural appearance are thus eliminated. Specialist physicians conduct in-depth technical exams of people’s skin and hair structures, then propose a plan and supervise the process.

Hair Transplant Planning Stages

Hair transplantation planning process consists of certain stages. When starting the application, this plan is taken directly as a basis.

  • Evaluating how eligible the donor area is,
  • Examining the general nature of the hair loss problem in the person,
  • Considering the person’s facial features for the suitability of the hair to be transplanted

Evaluation of Facial Lines

The hair to be transplanted must necessarily create aesthetic appropriateness for the person. An assessment of the person’s facial features is made. It is clarified which area will be used for transplantation. In this way, a pleasing appearance is achieved in all aspects.

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