Manual Fue Technique

Today, different methods are used to eliminate hair deficiencies. The manual FUE method is one of the applications that has been widely used recently and provides very good outcomes.

The major goal of this approach is to extract the optimum number of grafts in a quality manner while leaving no scar on the donor area. The grafts extracted one by one from the nape area or behind the ear are employed where the deficiency is present.

In the manual FUE procedure, grafts are extracted with minimal damage compared to other methods. Although manual operations are slower than motorized procedures, they can achieve the same results in the safest manner.

Experts should have sufficient hand skills, attention, and eye coordination to undertake hair transplantation procedures using the manual FUE method. The desired outcome is reached when the entire process is carefully managed.

Advantages of Manual FUE Technique

Many conscious people prefer the manual FUE method for hair transplantation. This is because the manual FUE technique has many advantages. These advantages are as follows:

  • Does not leave any serious or permanent scars,
  • The operations are conducted smoothly without the need for suture,
  • It allows the person to recover comfortably in a very short time,
  • Does not allow pain, bruising, or edema,
  • To accelerate the process of returning to daily life.

The Importance of Manual Hair Transplantation

In practice, the hair physician’s ability to receive more effective tactile feedback allows him or her to operate safely during procedures.

Furthermore, this technique avoids some unfavorable scenarios produced by the damaging heat effect, torsion, and friction that motorized systems might generate. Damage is minimized in all aspects and tissue integrity is better preserved. The most essential feature of this technique is the absence of graft losses.

In Which Cases is Manual FUE Method Preferred?

The manual FUE method is preferred in cases where there is significant hair loss and clients want to restore their natural hair structure. This method, which is highly reliable, gives a chance to achieve satisfactory results.

The manual FUE technique is generally preferred by those who aim to achieve more stable results, considering the following elements:

  • Application process and ease of operation,
  • Restoring people’s natural appearance,
  • Post-application persistence rate is much higher than normal.

The desired result can be easily achieved with the help of a physician who has experience in the field.

How Long Does Manual FUE Application Take?

The time required for manual FUE varies depending on the tissue structure of the person’s hair and scalp. The number of grafts required and the team’s experience are the key factors that determine how long hair transplantation takes. The procedures can last up to 7 to 9 hours depending on the extraction of the grafts.

Preparation Before Manual FUE Hair Transplantation

Before applying the manual hair transplant method, people should pay attention to the absence of oily hair. In this regard, the essential cleaning should be completed beforehand. It is also important that there is no hair gel or similar substances. It is also essential to break habits such as smoking during the operation process and avoid heavy physical exercises close to the application time.

Post-Operation Process

Following a successful hair transplant, patients should pay attention to several issues. It is important not to touch the transplanted area and to use the provided creams and medicines on time. Care should be taken to protect the relevant area for an average of 15 days and to use the shampoos recommended by the doctor for washing hair afterward.

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