1. Will it be obvious that I had a hair transplant after I have a hair transplant?

A natural hairline, a correct distribution in donor and recipient areas, the right method and a hair transplant performed with an experienced team will not be understood from the outside.

2. When can I start using cosmetic hair products, medicines taken for hair?

As the transplanted hair follicles can be affected by external factors for up to 1 month, they can be used 1 month after the operation.

3. When will my newly transplanted hair be completely settled?

Newly planted hair follicles are firmly settled in their new places within 15 days from the first wash.

4. Will there be a permanent scar after the hair transplant operation? How long does it take for early scars to disappear?

There is no permanent scar after hair transplantation with the manual fue method. After the hair transplant operation, the crusts fall off within a maximum of 11 days and your hair will look like you had a short cut.

5. How long after the hair transplant operation will my new hair start to grow?

New hair starts to grow in a soft form like baby hair after approximately the third month and continues to grow and regain its natural form by thickening until the 15th month.

6. Do you transplant beard hair ?

Beard is thick and does not grow normally like hair, so we do not prefer to take it from the beard and transfer it to the hair area. We believe that it will negatively affect the natural appearance and create an artificial image.

7. Can the solution of the baldness problem be concluded with a one-time transplant?

It is not possible to fix a hair transplant in a single session. Since hair loss continues throughout your life, even if you are happy in the first session, you may want to have your hair transplanted again in the following years.

8. In which season should I have a hair transplant?

All seasons are suitable for hair transplantation. There is no criterion such as it is more beneficial to have it done in any season in terms of operation quality.

9. Can hair transplantation be performed without shaving the hair?

This operation is partially possible. The area to be planted should not be too wide and should not spread over the whole area. It can be done by shaving the area where we take the hair follicles, which we call the donor area, and without shaving the transplanted area.