Storage of Grafts (Use of Custodiol Solution and Special Mini Cooler)

Special Mini Cooler

It is an important factor that directly affects the success of hair transplantation by ensuring that the extracted grafts are preserved in a healthy and robust manner until the time of transplantation. Saline solution is commonly used in this field and ice batteries are used as coolants for these processes. This typical method has major drawbacks, such as graft swelling and the inability to keep the temperature of the solution stable. A special solution is used to store the grafts in all hair transplant operations in our center. This solution is a custodiol solution with a histidine-tryptophan-ketoglutarate component used in cardiovascular surgery and organ transplantation surgeries. Except in a few hair transplantation clinics, this method is not used due to the high cost and the fact that clinics do not place a high value on this issue. As New Life Med family, we consider hair transplantation as an organ transplant and we use custodiol solution to preserve grafts in our operations.  As a cooler, we use a specially produced mini cooler to be used only in hair transplantation. In this way, the grafts are preserved in a stable and healthy condition at +4 degrees until the time of transplantation.


It is a solution used for organ protection and preservation and was used for the first time in cardiac operations. Custodiol has been utilized in over 3 million surgeries around the world due to its high level of protection. It has many advantages. It is preferred in surgeries as a safe solution. The lack of side effects ensures safe use. Due to its absence of colloid, it provides low viscosity. It acts as a histidine with its cleansing properties. It has a high systemic tolerance. It adapts to the body with all of its components except for the mannitol in its substance. It has a high degree of ischemic tolerance.

Its distinct advantages;

  • Reliable
  • It is an intracellular solution
  • It has low viscosity
  • Provides rapid cooling
  • High systemic tolerance
  • High ischemic tolerance
  • It slows down the metabolic rate
  • Ready-to-Use
  • It is economical.

It slows down the metabolic rate with its cold solution structure. It does not require filtering or additives since it is ready to use.

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