Why New Life Med?

According to a declaration published by the World Health Organization (WHO), health is “The absence of any disease and weakness is a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being.” Additionally, the main factors affecting health are social conditions (10%), medical conditions (8%), climatic conditions (7%), hereditary conditions (15%), and lifestyle (60%).

Hair has been the symbol of health, vitality, strength, and attractiveness throughout history. Especially in men, almost the entire concept of aesthetics consists of concerns about hair. For this reason, hair loss can create important psychological problems. Alopecia (baldness) is the general name for hair loss. The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This is the primary target group for hair transplant applications nowadays. In recent years, there have been significant advancements in techniques and results due to the development of the method, experience, and appropriate microsurgical devices, and practically totally natural hair transplantation outcomes have begun to be attained.

As the new life med family, we provide permanent solutions with the understanding that this is a health issue in order to solve the baldness problem of men suffering from androgenetic alopecia.

Since hair transplantation is such a highly demanded procedure, numerous improper and negative situations regarding it occur all over the world, including in our own country. As in every subject, when you -those who desire to have a hair transplant- look at the search engine, you will come across several websites that you are not sure of that mention the terms of campaigns, various prices, grafts, and hair strands. This fierce competition between websites makes it difficult to access accurate information.

-So how should we make the right choice?

You can find the appropriate address if one of your relatives has had a successful hair transplant, but you can be deceived at any time if you search for the proper team to have a hair transplant on the internet or through television programs. Unqualified individuals may advertise themselves as a doctor or a hair transplant specialist on television or the internet. There is no doubt that these people will try to deceive you with all kinds of lies. They will be open to negotiation and will be able to offer their poor quality services cheaper. What you need to know is that hair transplantation should be done by a specialist team under the supervision of a doctor. Therefore, if you suspect where you have gone, ask for the diploma of the doctor, search the doctor from the professional associations or professional chambers, examine the photos of the previous surgeries. According to the current legislation in Turkey, hair transplantation is only conducted in surgical medical centers and hospitals. Please research the features of your preferred place.

Hair transplant operations have spread rapidly as the number of people demanding hair transplantation has increased. Those who wanted to learn the FUE method and enter the market increased the number of customers (not patients) by dumping the prices. Even people who are not plastic surgeons or doctors, and even those who have not been trained in health, have started to do hair transplantation with the FUE method on their own. As a consequence, the number of patients who were unhappy with the results of their hair transplantation and underwent a second procedure has increased.

With the damage produced by the previous operation, corrective surgery becomes a more difficult task. The important thing in hair transplantation is to have natural looking and not sparse hair. It is pointless to have a hair transplant if this aim cannot be met.

It is estimated that 10 thousand people receive hair transplants per year in Turkey. Some of those who are dissatisfied with their results and want to have a hair transplant again may not have a second chance. The area where the follicles will be extracted (donor area) should not be consumed in order to undergo a second operation. It is not possible to replace the hair follicles that were wasted in the first surgery. Non-professionals waste the follicles in the donor area on the first hair transplant. Moreover, when the wrong transplantation is done, the hair grows sparse, irregular, and upright. A significant part of the transplanted hair does not grow either.
Even if the FUE procedure can be used to rectify the problem, a new front line must be determined, and the hair must be re-transplanted in the correct direction, with the previously transplanted hair hidden among the freshly transplanted hair.

Patients who have had a poor hair transplant experience come to gain a socially acceptable appearance. 30% of the hair transplantation performed in the world is insufficient. Only 10% of these, that is 3% of all patients, undergo a correction surgery.
The reason for this may be that the patient is unable to express regret for making a poor decision, is afraid of experiencing the same situation again, or has already spent all of his financial resources on the first surgery. For this reason, the initial pick should be correct, one should not trust everyone who claims to perform hair transplants, and price should not be the first criterion in hair transplantation.

It is more meaningful for the patient to request a so-called “consent form” rather than a commercial document such as a warranty document. While this document is tailored to the patient, any potential complications, as well as thorough information regarding the procedure, hair type, quantity of grafts to be transplanted, etc. should be explained to the patient face to face. The document must be signed mutually, with a copy given to the patient. In this way, the document will be valid in real terms.

There is a possibility that the patient will undergo an operation in places where it is not possible to see the doctor before, during, and after the hair transplantation. Sometimes he can see the doctor’s diploma and sometimes he cannot even see him because there is no doctor in the team anyway. It would be futile to anticipate a perfect outcome in these circumstances.

-Why did we mention so much negativity?

Hair transplantation is auto-transplantation in a sense. In other words, it is a medical procedure like organ transplant. In addition, it is a process with very serious medical and surgical procedures. Therefore, hair transplantation should only be performed by professionals. When deciding where to get hair transplantation, we must be aware of this information and conduct appropriate research.

As New Life Med, we primarily provide our patients with a realistic and honest assessment of the possible outcomes of whether they are suitable for the operation or not. We explain why this is not possible to our patients who are not eligible for the operation. We warn against hair transplant centers that may claim that we will perform your operation solely for financial benefit.

All of our procedures are performed in a well-equipped operating room in a hospital setting. Before the procedure, our doctor determines your medical condition through a consultation, performs a general physical examination, and orders blood tests as considered necessary. Within the context of our doctor’s plan and management, your operation will be carried out by a professional team that has been doing its job for a long time.

Every detail is considered and excellent service is provided for your accommodation and transfer before and after the procedure. After you return to your country, we call you periodically, ask for your photos and monitor your progress. If you have any questions, you can reach our team whenever you want and get the necessary support.

Consequently: Why New Life Med?

  • Customized planning and boutique work
  • Complete medical evaluation by specialist doctors before the procedure (appropriate blood tests and general physical examination)
  • Doctor control at every stage of the process, full compliance with medical and surgical principles
  • Fully equipped A Plus hospital environment
  • VIP accommodation and transfer service
  • Close follow-up after transplantation

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